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Top Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room A Makeover

Trends in interior design are changing and so are your tastes. However, you need not spend so much to freshen up your home to give it a new look. Most of the times, rearranging furniture or changing wallpapers can make a great impact and change up your home. Sometimes some easy DIY ideas are all that it takes to give a makeover to your home. So here are some of the ideas you need to get customized interiors and give a new personality to your living room.
Make the illusion of space Not everyone can afford to live in spacious houses. If you aren't living in one such house, you need to follow certain tips that can create the illusion of larger space. To start with, use furniture which doubles up as storage spaces like box beds. Try using light colors on your floor to make spaces seems brighter so that they reflect light better. Dark floors make a room cozy but they also absorb light and takes up more space. If you cannot change the flooring color, try putting a light colored carpet or …

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