Friday, 18 August 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Here are some low-cost kitchen remodeling ideas that you can select for without burning your pocket

1.Paint walls using white colour.

Instead of opting for a new set of cabinets, consider painting with a subtle colour, most preferably white. This will brighten the kitchen space and, of course, transform it into a brighter and better version. And finding the right white can be a bit tricky, so be sure to choose the one that suits the rest of the decor.

2. Add hotness to whites

A custom wood countertop in the kitchen is sure to build the glamour ratio, giving your kitchen a new makeover. A traditional wooden countertop can serve multiple purposes and adds a lot of heat that enhances the look of the kitchen. When a wooden countertop is added in a white kitchen space all subjects, adding depth and depth to space also makes it look different.

3. Spruce with DIYs

We all know how useful DIYs are, which serve as the ideal budget for friendly techniques when you want to transform your space into something creative and interesting, but also within a budget. Learn how cheap materials can be used in creative ways. For example, creating space inside the walls for storage to add shelves by using wood planks, using tile for the countertop is a cheap replacement to the otherwise expensive wooden contractor.

4. Change the backsplash

Changing the backsplash of your kitchen can give you a new makeover and it does not cost you much. Another great alternative is to select for trendy wallpaper for the backdrop that can turn your kitchen into a very fashionable. Changing the backsplash can turn your kitchen into a totally different place. It also changes the appearance of space. The best part about wallpapers is that they are easy to paste and peel so you can change the look of your kitchen almost instantly and with a very less money.

5. Experiment with a new faucet design

Taps can play an important role in determining how your kitchen looks. If you are considering remodelling, one of the things to replace could be the faucets that will eventually get rusty and old. Select a new faucet for your kitchen depending on the number of holes in the back of your sink.

Previous kitchen remodelling ideas are the best way to transform your space into a budget. Giving your space a makeover does not necessarily cost you a million dollars! Today's modern housewives have several of the box ideas and the cheapest alternatives to create a stylish kitchen.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Future Of Interior Designing

Future Of Interior Designing

Historically, interior design has been a costly and time-consuming process, involving collaboration with a designer to anticipate, plan and create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the client but also functional.

The interior designer had to put in a lot of effort and energy to understand the lifestyle of his clients in order to create the desired mood and feel, then reach out to trusted craftsmen, marketers and others Which could help run the design.

Even with a clear vision of the home of your dreams, the average customer often faces the difficulty of articulating that vision into words. It is the role of the designer to help bring the customer's vision to life, and while it often works, there is never a guarantee that the end result looks like it was expected.

Traditional interior design companies have been operating successfully for some time, but have refused to deliver significant innovations or undergo a digital transformation. Conscious of a space that lacks innovation, several companies platforms have come up with solutions to disrupt this solid industry.

As it is late for the party of industries that have been considerably disrupted by technology, interior design is finally returning to a new age. The traditional customer-designer relationship in person is no longer the standard industry leader. Innovative platforms that use technology to execute interior design are elevating the process without depriving people of any personal touch.

These interior design startups help to solve the fundamental problem with the interior design industry. Their approaches do not require in-person visits and customers can work with designers located anywhere in the world.

The disruptive future of interior design is here
Industry operators have not given any significant innovation, opening the door for new startups to take control of the interior design.

Next, the customer is advised to buy a certain number of hours to be used for so many days and at any time as desired. This amount of control over pricing and time is amazingly remarkable, especially since interior design companies charge much more, including fees for services, commissions and likely branded furniture.

Designing the Future
New technologies are showing great promise for the future of interior design. It will surely involve healthy doses of 3D printing, both augmented (AR) and virtual (VR), and smart homes.

VR would be ideal for interior designers because it would enable them to walk their clients through a room they have created, or show them hundreds of different wallpaper designs. The technological future is making VR a reality, but it is still expensive and not feasible for deployment yet.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality has already made its way in the industry. While AR can not stimulate total immersion in a virtual world created by software, it can merge the virtual and real world by placing virtual characteristics over real ones.

Hutch, an LA-based virtual design application, allows users to take a photo of a space and try different products and styles to see it virtually decorated. Download the application, adjust a photo, let it process the room, then users can slide through different style categories and essentially drag and drop different items to see it in its place.

users can choose from a variety of themes such as tribal influence, electric elegance, or even boho of Venice. With a simple blow to the right, you can see different arrangements of the furniture. The key is that they can see it live, not just visualise it in their heads.

Hutch plans to accelerate product development after the Zillow Group, an online real estate home, made a $ 10 million investment in the A-Series.

Hutch also has designs to expand and associate with Nordstrom, Target, Urban designers and other large retailers and lifestyle stores to showcase and sell their furniture, giving them access to a new sales channel.

It is unclear how the partnership will work, but Hutch would be smart to negotiate and take-the-sales rate it generates for its partners and potentially some form of online access membership once it proves that it generates heaps of sales. It is a very subtle move to make Hutch a production market.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

New age Trends in Home Interior Design

New age Trends in Home Interior Design

1. Metallic

Gold, brass, silver, bronze and rose gold have been popular for a while, and they are not going anywhere soon.

The award-winning British interior designer Katharine Pooley, however, envisions a fresher palate when it comes to metals, with "a focus on polished nickel and silver / industrial finishes."

Bronze, in particular, is set to be a great trend, according to London interior designer Jo Hamilton.

2. Textures and layers

Pooley says the texture is going to be great news with both fabrics and finishes: "I think we will see a lot more textured fabrics with metallic metal threads in the fabric," he told The Independent. "Fabrics like these create a timeless and elegant look in any room."

He adds that embossed surfaces, three-dimensional finishes and glass and metal details will add layers to the finishes.

Chief interior designer Anouska Hempel agrees, saying she thinks 2018 will bring "more layers and overlap."

3. A natural influence

Over the next few months and years, the interior style is set to return to nature, according to Hamilton, with soft, warm, and quiet tones. She thinks that a colour scheme of natural terra cotta, greys, woody tones, muted blues and greens will be hot by 2018.

What's more, natural handmade tiles with geometric patterns and shapes are going to be in the trend.

4. Discreet elegance

"I think in the current sociopolitical climate we can see a departure from ostentation," leading interior designer Charles Rutherford told The Independent. "It would be wonderful if a reaction against this led to the discreet elegance and purity of the line."

After a period of eclecticism, Rutherford believes it's time for clarity and innovative design.

5. Focus on the fireplace

It is one of the oldest parts of a house, but the fireplace is seeing a resurgence - even in the British summer.

"It's gone from mature marble to modern shapes, but today people want something unique with metal inlays and interesting shapes off the shelf," says interior designer Kelly Hoppen.

6. Marble

Although marble has been in fashion for a while, Hamilton believes it will remain popular in 2018. But, she says, there will be a wider colour scheme, with browns, greens and blacks with everyone.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Design ideas for your balcony

Design ideas for your balcony

Apartment life can not afford an outdoor garden, there are two ways to that. But if you are living in the city, an apartment floor plan that includes a balcony is the answer to all our prayers. Some people even prefer them to the gardens as it provides them with a bird's eye view of their surroundings and is much easier to maintain.

Even the smallest balcony can be reinvented to become a beautiful outdoor space and provide your home interiors with fresh air and natural sunlight.

This outdoor space is an opportunity to connect your interiors with your natural surroundings and create a peaceful and peaceful retreat that forces us to take a break. You do not even need to hire an interior designer to give the make-over space. Here are some tips to help you create a balcony design that you deserve.

Wrought iron furniture is an essential balcony design. It is water resistant and is not damaged even in extreme climates. While some people do not mind the stiffness of the furniture, we know that some of you would like to base plusher to sit. Seat cushions are an easy remedy for this problem. The structure of wire structure of wrought iron furniture also helps to keep clutter in the bay and will not be constantly bumping into your seats.

You can add some plants in pots or succulents, but even without any additional decoration, you can use this type of furniture to transform your balcony into a clean and utilitarian space to enjoy a fresh morning air and breakfast.

If your apartment building is very close to the adjacent structure and you are not using your balcony because the proximity is invading your privacy or even limiting your point of view, you can guide your decor to remedy the situation. Lift the balcony rails to use as a stand for planters and grow a floral barrier.

You can opt for the basic shop bought planters or painting on the planters using bright colors to create a cheerful green bedroom under the sun.

Remember this when designing the balcony door and opt for a clean and classic style. If the balcony only has room for walking, you can also grow flowering climbers on the handrails. They may seem messy as they begin to slide through the handrails, but after three months of full growth they transform your balcony into an agricultural space, perfect for a quick smoke break.

Outdoor rugs are also a great accessory to invest in, when you are redoing your balcony. Creating a focal point in space, you can simply arrange outdoor furniture around it. Since they do not occupy the three-dimensional space they are ideal for small balconies. They also allow you to innovate with floor seats, especially during winters. You can add some pillows to create a cozy corner and enjoy the winter sun.

High-rise apartments usually have closed balconies to avoid strong winds and accidents. It allows you to be more innovative with your balcony design, since the damages caused by the weather are no longer a limitation.

You can design the space using floor length curtains and hanging lighting and transform this outdoor room into a more intimate space that can be used for a quiet reading or for a tea break.