The ultimate cheat sheet on space saving in small apartment interior designing

The life of a small apartment living is a lifestyle of its own - without much space for furniture and objects, the impact of each option grows exponentially. This post explores apartments that make the most of their small floor plans using creative space saving techniques, creating multipurpose spaces and using the simplest colour schemes and decoration in a smart way. And despite their restricted sizes, none of these homes sacrifice even a small character. If you are looking for a small apartment interior designer to guide your own decorating decisions, this post is a great place to start.

This lovely little apartment does not have a super open layout so popular in today's interior design but still feels open and spacious considering its relatively restricted floor plan.

The interior is divided into two parts, with living spaces on the entry side and the private spaces behind the wall of the bisector.

Bright windows flood the kitchen with ample sunlight, while the living room enjoys a darker and more welcoming atmosphere.

Keeping things organized is a very important part of maintaining a minimalist home. These wicker baskets are very well stored under the table, easily holding additional shots or decorations.

Much more storage space occupies a wall near the sofa. The adjustable floor lamp easily provides light for a variety of tasks, from reading to tea preparation.

The cozy dining table creates a split between the living and kitchen areas. By moving the chair on the right side, the table becomes an expanded work space for preparing meals.

The table decoration is still simple, with clean striped place mats and a plain white decorative vase.

Under-counter cabinets and tall wood units offer plenty of room for storage. Residents, even more, maximize space by keeping needs, such as garbage, in a compact size.

The bedroom occupies the space just beyond the dividing wall. The closet space is hidden in the small hallway leading to the bathroom.

Thanks to a beautiful adjustable wall light, it is easy to light the bed or light the hallway to the bathroom with the same accessory.

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